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The Real Estate Bloggers

Sinkhole Swallows Man Sleeping in Bed in Seffner, Florida

Posted: 01 Mar 2013 01:05 PM PST

SinkholePosterThis is about as scary as it gets. Imagine being asleep in bed and a sinkhole opens up right underneath your bed. While you are asleep…

Unfortunately this is what is presumed to have happened to Jeff Bush in Seffner, Florida on the evening of February 28th. His brother was saved by a sheriffs deputy who reached in and saved his life as he was being sucked in trying to rescue his brother. Investigators are still searching for the body but there is very little confidence Jeff Bush will be found alive.

“The floor was still giving in and the dirt was still going down, but I didn’t care. I wanted to save my brother,” Jeremy Bush said through tears Friday as he stood in a neighbor’s yard. “But I just couldn’t do nothing.”

The only thing sticking out of the hole was a small corner of a bed’s box spring. Cables from a television led down into the hole, but the TV set, along with a dresser, was nowhere to be seen. via the AP

What is even scarier is that from the outside the house it seems there is nothing wrong with it. The home seems to have no cracks or other problems. Inside is another story as the hole is over 30 feet wide spreads out to 100 feet the deeper you go. Florida is prone to sinkholes as the layer of limestone that forms the layer immediately below the ground will dissolve in water.

More about Florida Sinkholes (graphic at top taken from this site)

Video via NBC news



SCAM – The FBI Called And Wanted To Install A Security System

Posted: 01 Mar 2013 10:10 AM PST

Security-ScamA new scam is out there offering a free security system. The telemarketers are trying to trick you to install the new security system free of charge.

A telemarketer is offering a free install of a system, signs, and stickers. The system is automated and calling homes targeting the elderly it seems like.

First of all, the FBI is not in the security business. They are not even interested in residential crime. They deal with federal issues.

Secondly, the security installation business is cut throat. The government would not get involved in home security, at least for now…

So if you have gotten a message offering this installation, just ignore it. It is just another person lying to try to get into your wallet.

See this video from WTKR about the scam using the FBI to sell security systems…


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