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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Balcony Garden Design Ideas

Posted: 24 Jun 2012 10:37 PM PDT

balcony floral garden design

In the big city when land or spaces to be very valuable, living in the apartment or condominium is the best ways. But for someone who love with gardening, they must get difficulty to express their hobby that caused by limiting spaces. If you area facing off by this matters why not to try creating balcony garden. Ia msure most of apartment or condominium has balcony. At the balcony you can plan your favourite plan to make beautiful garden there. Here it is some sample tips and guidance to create beautiful small balcony garden that might could be your reference:

simple balcony garden photos

1. Balcony strength, before making garden at the balcony, you had better ask to the developer about the balcony structure strength. Make sure the balcony strength enough to hold the garden weight. I think you don't want to get serious problem when unwanted accident happen.
2. Potting, potting is the best ways to create balcony garden. We can fill the pot by our favorite plan. By potting you can arrange the garden depend on your desire by moving it. By potting can also make vertical garden.
3. Watering and Fertilization, you must make sure your balcony garden get enogh water to watering it. It is very important since water is the soul of the gardening activity. Without water all plant will dead. Sun light also important in order your garden can grow well, please make sure the balcony enable the natural sun light through the balcony.
4. Pruning and fertilization, you must do these activity regularly to keep your balcony garden always grow well for the best appearance.
5. Best places for favorite plan, balcony is one of the best places to keep our favorite plan from the thief since balcony very difficult reach by thief.
6. By adding small garden at the balcony, the quality of air in your apartment will better and make your environment more fresh and green. Yiub can add some furniture to enjoy fresh air for relaxing.


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