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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Simple Guidance to Design Comfy Family Room

Posted: 19 Jun 2012 08:45 AM PDT

dark theme family room

For the modern family when all the family members always busy for their activity, the existence of the family room very important for them. After a whole day do their activity, it is very exciting for us to gather all he family members whole watching TV, hang out or others. In this part, we can communicate one another for knowing their activity. We can share what happened in the a whole day. At the family room we can keep the family relationship. Thus, having the comfy family room is a must. In this site we will explain some guidance to design dreaming family room:

1. Function, designing the family room can start from theme. You should decide what theme will apply for it. For the small family room room, it is very recommended to design the multifunctional family room. You can use the spaces for family room and entertainment room or play room or others.
2. Theme, theme very important to design the comfy family room, you must choose and arrange the furniture according by the theme as you plan. For example: if you want to design country theme family room, you must choose the country living room furniture which wood, rattan as the main materials.
3. Decoration and Accessories, decoration very element to design dreaming family room. You can not avoid by the decoration presence. Beautiful decoration will make the interior look more attractive and exciting. In this point, you must smart to choose right decoration which adjusted by the family room theme. For better looking you must consider the dimensions of the family room in order look very neat, clean and eye catching.
4. Furniture, choosing and arranging the right furniture very important too. You must adjust the furniture according by the theme. For The arrangement, you should put sofa and coffee table in the center of living room in order the all family member can communicate one another.
5. Lighting, the others component to create comfy family rook is lighting or lamp. By lighting the various of theme and atmosphere could be created. Lighting or lamp is the simple and easy way to enhance the family room appearance. For example for the country family room, you can add pendant lamp for decoration.
6. Entertainment unit, entertainment unit very popular to complete the modern family room design. We can relax while watching entertainment in this part. Entertainment unit usually installed at the wall in order the family member can watch it. In this point, you must think about the cable and electrical arrangement for the best result.

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