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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Understanding Psychology of Color

Posted: 13 May 2012 05:58 AM PDT

Color has very important role for a whole home design, interior and decoration. We can not avoid by the color presence as you find in your home. By using color the home design, interior and decoration will look better appearance. Colors able to affect the psychology for the people. Here it is some explanation the psychology affect of colors:

1. Blue, this color will give intellectual or smart impression, confidence, calm, fair, thinker, full dedication, persistent and cool. This color able to make
the room look larger then before and very suite for bedroom. But this color also stimulate depression and hesitate. The right choice of blue color very
important.   Dark color will give sharp impression. Meanwhile, the light blue will make more calm and more concentration.

contemporary blue theme living room

2. Green, the positive elements of this color are healthy, balance, relax and younger. The negative elements are jealous, cunning, boring and able to
weaken our body and mind. Green always correlated b y the nature and tiny, fresh, natural, peace and calm. You can apply for the larger room in
order look cooler or quite. This color suite for bedroom, living room or family room.

clean and fresh of green wall bedroom

3. White, this color correlated of pure, holy, sterile, clean, perfect, honest, simple, fine and neutral. If you want to give the larger appearance, this color suite for clean kitchen and decoration. Don't be excessive applied of the color since it will give negative affect such as: cool, unfamiliar, sterile and rigid. Don't make your home look like hospital that usually this color applied.

white country kitchen cabinet

4. Black, the affect of this colors are elite, elegant, strong, great, glamour. The negative affect are sad, sin, dead, empty, hopeless, threat, oppression and also disease. Black can absorb the others color. By the black all the energy coming would be absorbed. This color does not suggest for a whole rooms since it will give haunted impression.
luxury black and white bathroom photos

For application, you don't focus by the single color. You can combine by the similar color such as: dark blue and white blue, dark green with light green and others depend on your desire.


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