Friday, March 9, 2012

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Lesson 1 : Colorful Kids Bathroom Design and Decoration by Sonia-Sa

Posted: 09 Mar 2012 07:41 AM PST

kids bathroom vanity

Separate the kids bathroom with adult bathroom very important, usually kids get difficulty to use or reach bathroom equipment caused the dimension of the bathroom. It is also dangerous when our kids fail to reach something in the bathroom, it is possible they will slip and wounded. Designing the kids bathroom, we have concern the dimension first. The right dimension and ergonomic shape will give easiness to use all the bathroom equipment. The interior and decoration of the kids bathroom also to be the priority, we don't want our kids feel disappointed and don't want enter their bathroom. Please discuss with your kids what they like of the interior and decoration. Bright, fun, vibrant color or use theme of their bathroom is the most usually kids like. But is is not easy to find the right dimension of the kids bathroom equipment and accessories, you should be patient to find it. For adding the safety, please choose the hard flooring to prevent the slip since the characteristic the kids is very active and always move. If you are planning to design the kids bathroom design and decoration. Here it is some sample photos of cute and fun kids bathroom design and decoration from Sonia-Sa that might could be your reference to find the right kids bathroom design and decoration. via

kids bathroom sink

kids bathroom rack

kids bathroom mirror


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