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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Stylish Garden Restaurant Design in Kiev by 4a Architekten

Posted: 28 Jan 2012 10:30 PM PST

awesome garden restaurant lighting

This outdoor garden restaurant located in Kiev, Ukraine and designed by Deutch Architect 4a Architekten. When watching the garden restaurant photos details, I am very impressing by the outdoor sofa. The designer very smart to choose the right outdoor sofa which combine by the wood flooring. This combination make the restaurant area look so natural, shady that will make the visitor want to stay longer for relaxing. Not only the garden restaurant's location – a green space surrounded by historical buildings at the heart of Kiev – but also the old trees with their protective canopy of leaves have helped shape the spot and give it its unique atmosphere.

stylish outdoor restaurant design

under tree outdoor restaurant

outdoor sofa restaurant furniture

outdoor garden restaurant lighting

garden restaurant in kiev_ukraine

garden restaurant and lounge in kiev

The Lighting elements comprising linearly arranged LEDs in the wooden decking and seating furniture subtly enhance form and material. The brightness and colour ambience of the LEDs can be individually controlled, allowing the terrace floor to be illuminated to create the required mood. Decorative lighting such as impressive chandeliers and mobile light cubes on the tables provide the finishing touch, forming the perfect setting for a relaxing break in the garden restaurant. If you have holidays in Kiev, this outdoor garden restaurant very recommended to visit. via


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