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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

The simple way to clean smell and dirty bathroom

Posted: 04 Dec 2011 07:51 PM PST

clean and hygiene bathroom

Smell and dirty bathroom is no good for health and uncomfortable to take bath there. All the family health reflected by the bathroom hygiene. A lot of germ, bacteria and fungi can life there that stimulate many disease growing up. Many people fell lazy and difficult to overcome this problem. You can make the bathroom look more clean, fresh, comfy even it to be one of the most favourite place in the home, There some part of the bathroom areas that could be your focus when clean it.
1. wastafel, If the wastafel has rack and storage, you can rearrange all the bathroom equipment such as : toot brush, skin cream, razor, soap and others. Put it in the storage so that it look so nice and neat. Use the special cleaner to clean the wastafel faucet.
2. Bathroom mirror, bathroom mirror is the easiest bathroom accessories cleaned. Just spray it by the special bathroom cleaner and wipe it with the clean tissue or fabric softly.
3. Shower, shower might be a part of the bathroom accessories that make the people feel lazy to clean it. It is very difficult to clean it. Dirty bathroom flooring could be cleaned by the vinegar and water. Spray it on the bathroom flooring to prevent the fungi grow and use brush to clean it.
4. Toilet, toilet could be cleaned by the tissue for surface and add some toilet cleaner if you find hard stain to remove it to avoid the smell rotten. Clean it regularly to prevent the rattan smell.
5. Bathroom rugs, the bathroom rugs must washed regularly every week. Brush it to clean the hard stain and use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust.
6. Floor drain, make sure the floor drain can do well and the water can flow well too.
5. For reducing the smell, please add the exhaust fan to make the air circulation better.

photos of hygiene bathroom


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