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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

How to Sell Your Property with High Value?

Posted: 04 Dec 2011 07:22 AM PST

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Probably, you want to change your life by moving your home. Maybe you must move your job so that you must move your home too. Moving the home is very hard and difficult experience in our life. We must prepare our mental, emotion, physic and financial. It is very hard and difficult for our family to adjust with the new environment, life and nuance. We must adjust with new daily life all such as: school, job, routine and others. It will be very easy and happy, If We can sell our home before leaving it. Here it is some simple tips and tricks to sell our property with high value: 1. put on the announcement that inform the home will sell. We can put it in from the home or advertise at the newspaper, radio and others. 2. rearrange in front home area so that it look neat, clean and fresh since at this area the potential buyer will look first. Add some plant, flower and others garden accessories to enhance the exterior appearance. 3. Entering the home, repaint the wall, ceiling to enhance the interior appearance. Choosing the right paint will give the home interior appearance look better that might could attract the potential buyers. 4. check electrical installation, make sure all the home electrical installation can do well and safe and all the lamp do well too. 5. Bathroom hygiene, don’t make the potential buyers disappointed by looking the dirty and smell bathroom. Make sure the bathroom look clean, bright, no smell and all the bathroom equipment do well such as: floor drain, disposal, shower, light and faucets.

Renovating the property before selling need difficult preparation, sometimes it more difficult then selling process. But you must remember, the beautiful home will attract some potential buyers interesting and will bargain the home higher value then others.


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