Friday, November 25, 2011

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Rollable Bamboo Screen Divider Design Inspired

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 11:35 PM PST

bamboo screen room divider

Screen divider or room divider needed when people want to split the room into small spaces for some purpose such as: kitchen with dining room, living room with family room, living room with workstation and others. It very uncomfortable when we do something and our guest can watch it. For the outdoor area, the screen divider needed to make the patio or deck more private. There are many style, materials and design of the screen divider at the market now. One of them is the bamboo screen divider design inspired since there are some benefits using the bamboo screen divider such as : rollable, light, strong, elegant and natural look. Gaiam the US manufacturer has the collection of the rollable bamboo screen divider that might could be your reference to divide your room by using their product. Their collection made by the eco-friendly and for indoor use, pesticide-free bamboo, it conforms to any space, then rolls neatly away when not in use. So, If you want to divide your room, this product very recommended. This product offered $229.00 and you can visit their website for more details information.

natural bamboo room divider

rolled bamboo screen divider

Rugs : The Easy and Simple Way to Remodell Your Home Interior and Decoration

Posted: 24 Nov 2011 06:35 PM PST

colorful and trendy rugs design

Many people think that to decorate the home interior and decoration always need a lot of budget and difficult. Even they hire the professional designer to create it. If you feel like this, I suggest you to add some rugs to decorate and remodel it. Rug is the simple items to enhance the home interior and decoration. Just place rug on the floor and your floor will look different soon. There are many style and design of the rug at the market that make people use it. Pixel: The Cool and Trendy Rug Design by Piadao the Italian Rug Manufacturer is the example. It inspired by the every colors found in their factory. This magnificent piece features a colorful palette developed to bring life to any contemporary setting. It's rainbow like plays with luminosity creating dazzling effects. But before adding it, You must think of the flooring area that will covered by the rug: 1. walking through, you must consider how many people walk in and out of the room as well. 2. Furniture, don’t place the heavy furniture since it very difficult to move it. 3. Cleans regularly. Using the rug, you must clean it regularly, vacuum cleaner is the best options for maintenance it. 4. Food and beverages. Avoid the rug by the food and beverages to keep the hygiene since it very difficult cleaned.

rainbow style rugs
colorful rugs design photos

colorful rugs photos


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