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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Some Advice to Create Healthy and Ergonomic Kitchen

Posted: 05 Nov 2011 09:37 PM PDT

ergonomic kitchen remodel

Kitchen is the most used place in the home. At the kitchen our wife prepares some food and beverage everyday. Designing the comfortable kitchen is a must to support our wife activity. But some people always concern to design the kitchen just the style, model, design and price. They have low concern about the something ergonomic for their kitchen. Designing the ergonomic kitchen is very important for avoiding the health disorders such as: back pain and others. So, If You want to create the new kitchen or remodel your old kitchen to the ergonomic kitchen, here it is some advice to create healthy ergonomic kitchen for you:

1. Dimension, the dimension of the kitchen furniture and the equipment should be planned to suit you. Don't make the kitchen cabinet to
high or too low that will make you get difficulty to reach it. Give the kitchen little spaces that will make you feel free to move without
touch the kitchen furniture and others.
2. Comfort, it included the illumination and air circulation. Make sure the kitchen has enough light (mainly the natural sun light) and well air
circulation to avoid the humidity and to keep the kitchen freshness.
3. Safety, The corner of the kitchen furniture such as: kitchen island, table, cabinet should be made dull to avoid wound when we hit it.
Don't forget equipped the kitchen with fire alarm and portable fire extinguisher for emergency.
4. Lay out, the kitchen lay out will make your feel comfy too when doing activity there. The lay out should be functional, practice also
depend on your desire. If you get difficulty, please contact professional kitchen designer to help you to create the comfy ergonomic
kitchen design.

modern ergonomic curved kitchen

healthy ergonomic kitchen design

trendy ergonomic kitchen design

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