Friday, October 21, 2011

Top Box Design

Top Box Design

Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas Texas, USA

Posted: 21 Oct 2011 01:57 AM PDT

Won the 2008 American Institute of Architects New Jersey Chapter Award, the Irving Convention Center that located at Las Colinas, Texas was designed by RMJM Edinburgh-based international architects to be as efficient and flexible as possible, reducing the footprint and making it appealing to a wide range of organisations. In an effort to avoid the [...]

Wykagyl Shopping Center in New Rochelle, New York, USA

Posted: 20 Oct 2011 11:37 PM PDT

This modern commercial building is a American quintessential suburban shopping center, precisely located in Wykagyl, New Rochelle, New York. Wykagyl Shopping Center was originally constructed by the current owner’s father in 1957, and then it renovated and extended by Cooper Joseph Studio in order to create a local landmark architecturally and boost financial capability, namely [...]


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