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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

How to make the small bathroom look larger

Posted: 22 Oct 2011 12:22 AM PDT

small bathroom remodelling

Limited spaces to be the main problem to create comfy bathroom design and decoration mainly in the big city where most of people life in the apartment, condominium, flat and others. They get difficulty to design the perfect bathroom design that all the bathroom equipment couldn't placed. If You have faced the problem like that, here it is some simple and easy way to design the small bathroom look larger :
1. Ventilation, please make sure the bathroom have enough ventilation since it will be brighter and the air circulation will do well.
2. Make illusion by placed the right mirror, It is easy way and many people use it. Please, add the big mirror at the wall since will make the
bathroom will look larger.
3. Use the bathroom equipment adjusted by your need. You don't need put the bathubs since it need large spaces. Using the shower very
recommended for saving the spaces.
4. Wall mounted storage. You must need the storage to keep the all bathroom equipment such as : towel, soap, shampoo, brush and
others. The wall mounted bathroom storage very recommended too.
5. Lighting, please make sure the bathroom has enough lighting in order look clean and brighter.
6. If Your bathroom doesn't have enough ventilation, please put the ceiling exhaust fan for helping the air circulation in order the bathroom
fresh and avoid smelt.
7. Color, the white and cream of wall color make the bathroom look bright and clean.

simple small bathroom

perfect small bathroom design


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