Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Balcony Garden for Small Spaces Solution

Posted: 05 Oct 2011 08:37 AM PDT

balcony garden design picture

Balcony garden is one of the solution to make the green area in small spaces area mainly in metropolitan where most of the people live in the apartment, flat, condominium and others. Balcony is one of the favourite places for relaxing after a whole day working or enjoy the metropolitan view from upside. People usually adding some furniture, lamp or lighting and others accesories to enhance the appearance. But before making the balcony garden, here it is some tips to create it for the best result : 1. potting, placed the plant in the potting and arrange depend on the desire. 2. Caused the limitation of spaces, choose small and slow growing plants. 3. Use the wall for hanging or mounting the pots . 4. Adding some furniture or others garden equipment to enhance the appearance and decoration. 5. Make sure the water always availabe. Here it is some sample photos of the balcony garden design that might could be your reference.

balcony garden photos

beautiful balcony garden design

potting balcony garden

potting balcony garden


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