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America’s Top 10 States For Business in 2011

Posted: 25 Sep 2011 08:53 AM PDT

Let’s face it, in these economically trying times going to a state that is conducive for conducting business is vitally important. If you are looking for work it does not make a great deal of sense going to a state that hinders a businesses ability to succeed.

Likewise, buying a house in a good business environment makes a lot more sense than doing so where businesses will be struggling. So if you are thinking of moving to a state that is favorable for business this list by CNBC is a very smart tool to use.

Virginia came in as the top state. With it’s pro-business state house and proximity to Washington DC, where growth in government spending has created it’s own jobs engine, Virginia is for business lovers. Texas is in second place, with southern states Georgia, North Carolina, and Colorado rounding out the top 5. The only northeast member of the list Massachusetts comes in 6th owing mainly to it’s educated workforce.

The remaining states on our top 10 list are heartland states; Minnesota, Utah, Iowa, and Nebraska. The worst state in the country is Rhode Island with Alaska not far behind.

So if you are starting a business, looking for a job, or interested in investing in real estate, check out this list of the …

Top 10 States for Business in America for 2011

  1. Virginia
  2. Texas
  3. North Carolina
  4. Georgia
  5. Colorado
  6. Massachusetts 
  7. Minnesota
  8. Utah
  9. Iowa
  10. Nebraska

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America’s Top 10 States For Business in 2011

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