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Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Great Home Design, Architecture and Interior

Stunning Traditional Spanish House Design in Spanish Island, Formentera

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 11:51 PM PDT

exposed wood beam terrace

Traditional Spanish House offer the stunning of the home beauty that attract many people around the world want to stay. In this site We provide the best sample photos of Stunning Traditional Spanish House Design in Spanish Island, Forrmentera that owned by the by a lady called Rita. I admire by exposed wood beam ceiling that instlalled in each rooms which give the home look so strong, natural and rustic. The designer can not avoid by the old unfinished wood as the home furniture materials in order the home interior and decoration look rustic, traditional and nature. If You want to feel the traditional spanish people daily activity, this Traditional Spanish House Design with Rustic Interior and Decoration might could be your first choice for your holidays.

gorgeous traditional spanish verandah (source)

rustic dining and bar furniture

spanish outdoor patio furniture

spanish rustic fire places and decoration

stunning traditonal spanish house

stylish traditional spanish bedroom design

traditional spanish kitchen design

traditional spanish outdoor dining furniture

traditional spanish wooden dining furniture

(images by Jordi Canosa)

Amazing of Wooden Stick Restaurant Ceiling Design Photos

Posted: 02 Aug 2011 09:06 PM PDT

Tsujita restaurant design exterior photos

Beside the food and beverages, therE are many way to attract people to visIt the restaUrant such as : improving decoration, discont price,entertainment and others. Takeshi Sano - the Japanese Designer very smart and creative to use the wooden stick to be amazing creation of Wooden Stick Restaurant Ceiling Design in Tsujita restaurant, Los Angeles, California, USA. For mored details of this creative wooden stick restaurant ceiling instalation, please visit the description below.

wooden stick restaurant ceiling deisgn

wooden stick restaurant ceiling instalation

japanese restaurant with wooden stick ceiling

amazing of thousand wooden stick ceiling photos

Description :

I put image of clouds for the ceiling detail. There is IZUMO shrine, one of the most important shrine in Shimane Japan. The clouds we can see there, has beauty but mysterious image. I wanted to show those images on this design. I put 25000 of wooden sticks, which was shaped like drum stick on the ceiling.

In order to increase a reality of clouds, I calculate the focal length between eye line and wooden sticks and use that length for the stick length. Also I made difference on the distance between stick each other so that to make a stereoscopic effect to wooden cloud. Not only for this project. I'm always challenging to create a space that coexist art and interior. At the same time, I'd like people to feel the delicate of beauty, which Japanese have, and Japanese atmosphere when they visit here so that they will think that they want to visit Japan. I'd like to make this restaurant as one of an element for Japanese reconstruction. via


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