Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Top Box Design

Top Box Design

St Joseph’s Primary School New Hall and Library in Wingham NSW, Australi

Posted: 05 Jul 2011 12:38 AM PDT

Designed by Austin McFarland Architects, St Joseph’s Primary School New Hall and Library is located in Wingham NSW, Australi. For primary schools, the government outlined that the funding was for the building or renewing of large-scale infrastructure works with the priority on libraries, multi-purposes halls and classrooms. The school's library and canteen were cramped and [...]

The Golden Box an un-private house in Singapore

Posted: 05 Jul 2011 12:22 AM PDT

The Golden Box  an un-private house designed by K2LD Architects is located in Singapore.  It is an ‘un-private’ house. The ground level living space is a 26 m long and 6 m wide column free space with 3-sided full-height glass panels exposing the user within. It brings in the views from the outside, taking advantage [...]

Housing Development in Doumen, Zhuhai, China

Posted: 04 Jul 2011 11:20 PM PDT

Housing Development  that located in Doumen, Zhuhai, China, was designed by K2LD Architects. Phase I and II consist of 1,500 units of villas and terraces and apartment units, with which the whole development will be equipped with leisure, entertainment, retail and institutional facilities. The strategic design of the master-planning revolves around the of dwelling clusters built [...]

Tower House, Bequia, St, Vincent and the Grenadines by Edgley Design

Posted: 04 Jul 2011 10:56 PM PDT

Tower House, Bequia, St, Vincent and the Grenadines was designed by Edgley Design. The house is designed as a series of experiences that open out as the house is explored. The site is accessed along a winding mountain road, and as you descend the steep drive all that can be seen is a long low [...]

Chen House New home in Durham, United States

Posted: 04 Jul 2011 10:20 PM PDT

Designed by Gomes + Staub, Chen House New home is located in Durham, United States. Designed for a sloped lot with a limited construction budget, the house adopts the efficient vernacular building forms of the North Carolina landscape as well as the cost-effective exterior materials of conventional North American home construction, including fiber-cement lap siding, [...]

House A+B, New home on the Cycladic Islands in Paros, Greece

Posted: 04 Jul 2011 09:59 PM PDT

The House A+B, New home on the Cycladic Islands designed by buerger katsota architects is located in Paros, Greece.  The scheme aims at accommodating the different needs of two families on vacation. The single volume of a house is broken into many small cubic volumes, different in height and size, placed freely in relation to [...]


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