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The Edge of U2 Fame Loses Bid To Build Dream House on California Coast

Posted: 20 Jun 2011 02:28 PM PDT

Malibu-coastlineThe California Coastal Commission denied “The Edge’s” plans for building a 5 home “green” development on the Malibu, California coastline. The plans have been in development for years and incorporated the most exhaustive environmentally sound techniques seen in the world.

But that is still not enough for the California Coastal Commission.  The 12 member panel consists of The Commission is composed of 12 voting members, 6 chosen from the general public, and 6 appointed elected officials. These officials are considered some of the most anti-developmental activists in the country.

Preserving the coastline is one thing, making the process so expensive and onerous is another. The bag of tricks the commission brings out is notorious including shaking down property owners for land and easements if they want a building permit. The most recent member of the commission is Dayna Bochco, a television producer who has been a long time environmental activist.  

Robert Steinberg spoke in support of his musician son-in-law, whose real name is David Evans, and his daughter Morleigh. They were simply trying to get their home built, he said.

“It pains me a great deal to see them demonized in the press,” Steinberg said. “Morleigh and Edge have done everything known to man as far as I understand.”

Following the vote, Fiona Hutton, spokeswoman for the property owners, said they would be “vigorously exploring all potential options, including litigation.”

“The property owners worked diligently to develop home designs that would meet some of the highest standards for sustainability, blend seamlessly with the natural landscape and preserve the vast majority of their private lands as open space,” she said.

The proposal called for five multilevel homes of up to 12,785 square feet (1,190 sq. meters) to be built on 156 acres (63 hectares) in the Santa Monica Mountains. Project designers said the homes would have the top green building certifications and the guitarist said the mansions would be some of the most environmentally sensitive in the world. via Official Wire


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The Edge of U2 Fame Loses Bid To Build Dream House on California Coast

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