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Home Selling Because Of Divorce Picks Up

Posted: 28 Apr 2011 06:19 AM PDT

AngrycoupleIs it a bad sign of the recovery that couples are doing well enough to afford a divorce? Or is it an economic indicator that needs to be watched?

Either way, when couples get divorced one of the first things to happen is the house goes on the market. And like it or not, this is good for the real estate industry.

Now, as some indicators show that divorces are picking up and that means the homes need to be sold.

A stronger economy, lower unemployment and a housing market that – while still weak – is no longer in free fall are all contributing to a rebound in divorce filings.

“There is huge pent-up demand,” said Marshal Willick, a Las Vegas matrimonial attorney, who has noted an upturn in his business.

During the recession, couples who were out of work or unable to sell their house stayed married to save money. The percentage of the population 15 years and older who counted themselves divorced dropped to 9.7 in 2009, from 9.9 three years earlier, according to the Census Bureau. via The Financial Times

With so many real estate agents desperate for work, there may be an opportunity here for some.

Specialize in divorce real estate. It probably is not very glamorous, but it sure will beat doing short sales.

Spend some time learning the dynamics that happen when divorcing couples need to sell their homes and then specialize in making the process smoother. You do a couple of tough ones and then market your services through the local divorce attorneys in town and odds are you will have a pretty good business at the end of the day.

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Home Selling Because Of Divorce Picks Up

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