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20,000 Bats Take Over Georgia Foreclosure

Posted: 30 Mar 2011 09:28 AM PDT

TiftonGeorgiaBatHouseForeclosures that sit empty can have many issues as we all know. However, in Tifton, Georgia one foreclosure has been taken over by bats. Estimates of up to 20,000 bats are living in this South Georgia historical home that has gone into foreclosure.

Most homeowners living in a historical district of a mid sized rural town do not expect to experience the problems that the folks are dealing with. After going into foreclosure the house sat vacant long enough for a colony of Mexican free-tailed bats to take over and propagate to amazing numbers.

Now city officials are trying to determine what to do. They have informed Chase, the owner of record, of the issue and have given them time to rectify it. The cost is going to be pretty significant if you ask me to get the home habitable.

And the kicker, the out of town real estate agent when contacted by the local paper said that she had a buyer all lined up. I would love to see that disclosure to the buyer…

“Historic home with a 20,000 bat infestation problem.”

“The interior and exterior walls are just full of guano,” said Melissa Skidmore of Tru Tech, an animal removal service from Marietta. “Some of it is old and has turned to dust and it is just a cocktail of pathogens. People going in will need proper equipment to cover their skin, clothes and noses. We are talking about between 10,000 and 20,000 bats.”

Representatives of Tru Tech gathered at the house Monday afternoon with officers from Tift County’s Environmental Code Enforcement office, city officials, people who live near the house and a real estate agent. via the Tifton Gazette

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20,000 Bats Take Over Georgia Foreclosure

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